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batterie TOSHIBA Satellite L755

Par hibattery, 24/09/2012 à 8:52

The iPhone 5s have landed in our offices. Before we go off for more extensive examinations, here are a few preliminary reactions after getting our hands on the thing. batterie toshiba satellite pro c650-18d The screen

Because the iPhone 5 is the same width as previous models, it feels familiar in some ways. But then, when you reach up for that topmost corner to hit a Back button or to pull down Notification Center, there's a strange sense of wearing shoes that are just slightly too big. By the same token, going back to an iPhone

Making the screen taller, but not wider, is actually kind of brilliant. What do we do with our phones? Read emails, webpages, Twitter streams, and so on. Now there's more room for all of that, without stretching things to wacky proportions. toshiba satellite pro c650-18e batterie

Apps that have already been optimized for the larger display--such as Apple's own apps--certainly feel roomier for it. It's exactly what you'd expect, and it's nice. Apps that have not yet been updated feel funny: There are black bars at the top and the bottom. Even on one of the white models, though, it's easy to forget the bars are there: they blend in with the dark screen. toshiba satellite pro c650-1d8 batterie

What's strange, though, is what happens to the iPhone's status bar in these apps. In most apps, the status bar is immediately above the app itself, and then there was black space above it. But in one app we tested, the status bar was at the very top of the screen, then there was some black space, and then the contents of the app were displayed. Turns out this is what happens when some parts of an app have been updated for the iPhone 5, but not others. If an app hasn't been updated at all, the status bar sticks to the app and the black bars extend above. The worst case scenario is that developers will just stretch their apps up-and-down; there's plenty of space to really retool their interfaces, if they wanted to do so. batterie toshiba satellite pro l630-134

If you painstakingly organized your home screens, it's time to redecorate. Now that you can fit a fifth row of apps on your iPhone 5, you'll need to make new decisions about which apps go where. Or, we suppose, you could leave everything exactly the same and have a gaping empty row across the bottom of each screen.  batterie toshiba satellite pro c650-18e

The bodyWhile the iPhone 5 is noticeably taller, the change is actually less dramatic than you might expect. If you regularly clad your iPhone in a battery case, for example, the caseless iPhone 5 may well be shorter than what you're accustomed to. batterie toshiba satellite pro l640-ez1410

The height difference is also a personal thing: If you're accustomed to sliding up a finger to trigger the Sleep/Wake button, that may now take more effort than it did before; you may have to slide the phone down in your hand to access that button, whereas before it was always within reach. The Notification Center can be a real stretch. batterie toshiba satellite pro l650-167

As we've all heard, the iPhone 5 is as surprisingly light (3.95 ounces). There may be no such thing as too light, but some may find that it feels like a toy: it's surprising, when you turn the iPhone 5 on, to realize that a device this light is actually a real phone, batterie toshiba satellite pro l650-1cg and not just a plastic replica that you give your kids to play with. For years, there's been a notable difference between the weight of iPhones to their comparable iPod touches; the difference between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 feels that dramatic.

The case

As opposed to the iPhone 4 and 4S, which had a kind of "ice-cream sandwich" construction, with two slabs of glass around a steel frame, the iPhone 5 has edges that are ever so slightly beveled inward--chamfers, if you want to use the technical term. It gives the phone a slightly different feel in the hand, one that doesn't press quite as sharply into the palm as the previous phones. batterie toshiba satellite pro l670-14l

In the past, iPhone color choices have been pretty limited: The iPhone 3G either had a black back or a white back, but that was it. The iPhone 4 came in black and (eventually) white, batterie Toshiba Satellite R845 front and back, but the shiny metal band around the device was the same regardless of color choice.

With the iPhone 5, the two phones really are different. The white model most closely resembles the iPhone 4/4S, with a white front and back and the silver metal band. But the black model is completely different. It's like the Spinal Tap model iPhone 5: How much blacker could it be? None more black. The front and back have black glass, yes, but the metal band and metal strip on the back are both "slate"--a metallic matte black. The switches are black. Even the box is black, with "iPhone 5" printed in shiny black lettering. If the white-and-silver iPhone 5 is Gandalf's iPhone, batterie Toshiba Satellite L740 the black-and-slate model is Darth Vader's. batterie  Satellite P740

And it's gorgeous. Not everyone will want to embrace the Dark Side, but the black metal on the black glass really ties the design of the phone together in a way that the iPhone 4 didn't. Toshiba Satellite L730 batterie

That connector

The first thing some of us did when our new iPhones arrived was try to plug it into our Macs using an existing dock connector cable. It only took a second for us to realize, "Hey, dummy, that won't work!" and dig out the Lightning adapter in the box instead. We're not the only ones who will do that, we bet.

You might also pause to see if you have the Lightning plug oriented the right way, just as we did with the old connector. Which, of course, you don't need to do: it works either way. (Some of us plugged and unplugged the connector a couple of times, batterie TOSHIBA Satellite P770D just for the novelty of it.) We never paid much attention to where we put our iPhone cables: We always had a couple stashed here and there around the house. You'll likely have just one Lightning cable for the time being; watch it closely. batterie  Satellite P770 3D TOSHIBA

The shocking thing about the Lightning cable is just how small it is. We know: Apple said that it was a lot smaller. But it's actually kind of hard to pick up; it's not much wider than the cable to which it's connected. To insert it in the iPhone, you need to hold the connector squarely between your thumb and index finger. So even though there's no fiddling around with the connector's orientation, you'll have to retrain your muscle memory. batterie TOSHIBA Satellite P770

Other observations TOSHIBA Satellite P750 batterie

The speakers seem noticeably better--or at least, louder--than they were on the 4S and 4. Part of that may be the changes in phone's volume and shape, which could provide more open air in the case. They're still no match for a good pa ir of headphones, but you can probably get away with watching a YouTube video without everybody around you saying, "What? What did he say?" batterie TOSHIBA Satellite P750D
  As the latest iPhone went on sale Friday, with T-Mobile USA once again left out of the party, the fourth-place U.S. carrier started turning on a network that is designed to offer high data rates on unlocked iPhones.

On Friday, T-Mobile launched commercial service in Las Vegas on an HSPA+ network that uses frequencies around 1900MHz, a band that's available on unlocked iPhones. T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray announced the launch during an appearance at the GigaOm Mobilize conference in San Francisco. Las Vegas is the first city to get the new network, in a rollout that will reach other markets by the end of this year, he said.   batterie Toshiba PA3634U-1BAS

The launch is part of a larger strategy by T-Mobile to effectively become an iPhone carrier without winning a deal to carry new iPhones in its stores. To that effect, it's also demonstrating iPhones in its stores, even though it doesn't sell them, and developing apps for iOS such as billing and voicemail. batterie TOSHIBA Satellite P740

"Our plan now is, we're going to bring a lot more iPhones to our network with what we're doing," Ray said in an interview following his appearance on stage.

In handsets with the right radios, such as the iPhone 5, the HSPA+ network can deliver average download speeds of 8Mbps (bits per second) to 10Mbps, which is in the same ballpark as some LTE services, according to Ray. T-Mobile is converting the 1900MHz spectrum from an older, slower GSM network to the new system, Neville said. batterie TOSHIBA Satellite P740D

T-Mobile estimates there are more than 1 million unlocked iPhones on its network already. The underdog carrier says it can offer consumers a better deal on service, with unlimited data.

The company's focus is on the HSPA+ rollout now, but next year it plans to launch commercial LTE service. That new network, which will be built with the so-called LTE Advanced system in version 10 of the standard, will provide even faster performance than HSPA+, Ray said. He declined to predict its speed.There seems to be no end in sight to the onslaught of iPhone 5 cases, which is great news for all those of us who are eagerly awaiting their new handset in the mail--or who are recovering from a very early morning in line at their closest Apple Store. Here are some of the latest announcements, lovingly collected by your faithful Macworld staff. batterie TOSHIBA Satellite P700

Ballistic: The Every1 (iPhone 5; $50) is a wraparound case that provides all-around protection, with a four-layer construction and a special air-gap suspension system that helps absorb shocks. It comes in pink/purple, charcoal/white, charcoal/baby blue, charcoal/raspberry, black/grey, grey/black, pastel violet/purple, black/white, or green/blue. And, if four layers of protection sounds like a lot, you'll be surprised to hear that the Hard Code (iPhone 5; $60) provides five of them, and comes in many of the same color combinations.   batterie Toshiba PA3634U-1BRS

The Shell Gel (iPhone 5, $35) is a snap-on case that features a ballistic gel polymer construction for maximum shock absorption, and comes in black, pink/black, white/black, cobalt, charcoal/raspberry, purple/teal, or charcoal/white. Its more advanced cousin, the SG Maxx (iPhone 5; $50) is also built to provide excellent protection, and comes with a convenient horizontal holster for clipping your iPhone to your belt, plus an outside silicone coating that ensures an excellent grip. The Maxx is available in black, black/white, charcoal/raspberry, cobalt, charcoal/white, or black/red. batterie TOSHIBA Satellite L770

Finally, for a more fashion-conscious take on protective accessories, look no further than the Smooth (iPhone 5; $30), which was built to be thin but highly conspicuous, thanks to its interchangeable components that come in a variety of different colors. batterie TOSHIBA Satellite L755

Cygnett: The Vector (iPhone 5; $19) features sleek embossed lines and an impact-resistant design; it's built to keep your iPhone safe while offering a splash of color and fashion, and comes in black or purple. For a similarly elegant protective solution, you can also take a look at the Workmate (iPhone 5; $30), which features a heavy-duty shell and inner lining, and is available in black or olive green. batterie TOSHIBA Satellite L750

In the premium materials department,   batterie Toshiba PA3635U-1BAM the company has introduced the UrbanShield, available in Genuine Carbon Fiber (iPhone 5; $30) and Aluminum (iPhone 5; $25), available in silver or black. Both models provide excellent protection using a dual material construction designed to fit snuggly around your handset.

If you're looking for simpler components, Cygnett has you covered with the Aerogrip Feel (iPhone 5; $19), Polygon (iPhone 5; $19), Second Skin (iPhone 5; $17), and the Crystal (iPhone 5; $19), all available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and designed to offer excellent protection with minimal bulk. The Icon (iPhone 5; $30), on the other hand, is a heavier hard shell case with an attractive look, thanks to the various New York graffiti art-inspired patterns in which the case is available. batterie TOSHIBA Satellite L740


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